primo:gy - climate change consulting
primo:gy - climate change consulting

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Global climate change has emerged as the most critical issue of the 21st century for the environment, businesses and society alike. Therefore, tackling the issue of climate change is far more than just an ecological obligation - it is an economic imperative.

However, climate change poses not only threats, but also many business opportunities to those companies that act sustainably and carbon-savvy. re:zed climate change consulting offers solution-focused management consulting services and organizational development strategies that surpass the technical sphere of measuring and mitigating harmful climate emissions like CO2 and its equivalents. We have specialized in the areas management consulting, corporate trainings and workshops.

As every company, goods or services portfolio and set of corporate values is unique - so is our approach to climate change consulting. Our clients can choose from a range of services, including:

  • development of effective carbon-neutral and carbon-positive business strategies
  • corporate training towards carbon literacy
  • enhancement and diversification of corporate sustainability concepts
  • organizational and strategic carbon leadership intelligence
  • operational strategy development towards carbon neutral business processes
  • organizational and personnel development, carbon reduction empowerment
  • management of low carbon supply chains

re:zed climate change consulting is a young, dynamic management consultancy, constantly evolving and agile enough to provide an individualised service experience and personal relationships with our clients - while smart and creative enough to create and sustain global impact for them. Please contact us for further information.